Heraldic symbol of the Fire Dept.
Voluntary Fire Dept. Batzenhofen
(Bavaria, Germany)
Heraldic symbol of Batzenhofen

The Voluntary Fire Dept. Batzenhofen (FFB) in January 2007 had a membership of 170, consisting as follows:
         60 active firemen, 2 of them youths
         21 passive members (= former active firemen, that had to retire because of age)
         83 sponsoring members
           9 honorary members, thereof 3 still active.

All of the youth besides the normal training pass through a squad man training of 70 hours, before they can become active fireman. Obviously this boys like it to be faced with a real challenge, because shortage of recruits is, thanks to Florian, a foreign word in the FFB.

The FFB's fire station is located in the multipurpose hall of Batzenhofen and has there parking space for 3 fire engines, hose washer with drying tower, classroom, office and storerooms.

Showpiece of the FFB is the in 2000 procured fire engine LF8/6 IVECO 95E18W with a pump output of 800 liters/minute and a water container of 600 liters. The engine is a 6 cylinder Diesel with 5.86 liters cubic capacity and 130 kW (177 hp). All-wheel drive is permanently turned on.
The vehicle besides other features has ABS (anti-lock braking system), telescopic pylon with 2x 1,000 W floodlights (adjustable with joystick), traffic guidance system, surroundings lighting, heating independent of the engine, lockable differential gear for front and rear axle, clear off flashing lights.

The fire engine among other things is equipped with overpressure fan, rescue metal shears, hydraulic cut and spread all-purpose tool with two rescue cylinders, emergency generator, oil defend device, 4 breathing apparatus, high altitude safety device, 2 heat-resistant suits, 4 baskets with C-hoses, rapid response unit with sturdy hose, high pressure fire extinguisher, first aid equipment (photo is available on the fire dept. page of Franz).

In addition the FFB has a utility vehicle, which is used as deployment control center and for little deployments like insect removal, door opening or electricity emergency. The vehicle has an emergency generator and floodlights. A trailer, procured by donation, because of interchangeable sledges can be used as transporter of a TS 8 portable fire engine, oil fighter, hose container (800 meters B-hose) or without any sledge for the clearing of the place of action.

A "Monitor" (water cannon) belonging to the Fire dept. Gersthofen, but parked in Batzenhofen, completes the possibilities of the FFB. The trailer on which the water cannon is mounted has a container with 150 l foam agent.

Highlight of the year 2002 was the Open Day on Sunday June 16th, when beside other attractions an explosion of hot oil was shown.

If you are interested in the history of the Fire Dept. Batzenhofen, you should visit the fire dept. page of Franz.

Andreas S. Köhler

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