Table of Time 1875 - 2000

1875 -2000  - these plain numbers represent 125 years of contemporary history. In comparison to the age of mankind it is a relatively short period of time. However due to new findings, experiences and technologies modern humans changed their world during this short time more than their ancestors in all the millenniums before. Exciting discoveries, innovative inventions, great medical achievements, but also global problems of unknown extent, like for example the worst wars of mankind's history and increasing destruction of the environment characterize this time interval.
The history of Batzenhofen and its fire brigade is a small piece of puzzle in the large reflection of these 125 years.
Franz X. Köhler

1875 Brave hearted citizens of Batzenhofen found the Voluntary Fire Dept. of Batzenhofen. Egypt sells its stock share of the Suez canal to the British.
1876 Invention of the telephone and the four-stroke engine. Discovery of the cathode rays. Victory of the Sioux over General Custer at the Little Big Horn.
1877 Invention of the phonograph. Discovery of the "Mars canals" and the Mars moons.
1878 First deployment of the new founded fire brigade with a house fire in Edenbergen.
1879 The new Augsburg waterworks at the Hochablaß is show object for technology made in Augsburg. On the Berlin industrial fair the first electric train of the world carries the visitors. First production of the sweetener Saccharin. Union of Germany with Austria-Hungary to the "Zweibund" under Bismarck.
1880 Appointment of protective duties on the import of grain, pig iron and textiles into the German Empire. Discovery of the malaria germ. Invention of the seismograph and the electromechanical computer.
1881 Start-up of the first electrical streetcar in the world. To Augsburg the horse streetcar is introduced. First protective inoculation against anthrax. Assassination of the Russian Czar Alexander II.
1882 At the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin the first permanent electrical road lightning of the world is installed. The physician and bacteriologist Robert Koch discovered the tuberculosis bacillus and thus started the large turn in the infection medicine of the 19th Century. Measurement of the speed of light. Union of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy to the "Dreibund".
1883 The German Reichstag declares the health insurance in the German Empire for mandatory by law. First production of artificial fiber from Rayon. Discovery of the diphtheria bacillus. Development of the Maxim machine gun. Devastating volcanic eruption on Krakatoa with 36,000 dead people.
1884 Invention of the steam turbine, the Linotype typesetting machine and the fountain pen. First German colonies in southwest Africa.
1885 World premiere of the "Zigeunerbaron" (gypsy baron) in the Theater an der Wien (Vienna). First inoculation against rabies. Invention of the transformer and the automobile. Use of fingerprints for criminal investigation. Germany founds the colony German East Africa.
1886 Augsburg, third biggest city of Bavaria, gets a telephone network. Production of aluminum. Invention of Coca Cola. End of the Indians Wars in the USA after the arrest of the Apache chief Geronimo. The Bavarian fairy tale king Ludwig II died together with his physician in the Starnberger See (lake) under circumstances being in the dark until today. At the port entrance of New York the liberty statue is inaugurated as a gift of the French nation to the USA.
1887 Construction of the Batzenhofen cemetery. Invention of the rubber tire and the phonograph record. Bismarck signs a secret federation with Russia. In China the Hwangho (Yellow River) caused a flood; 900,000 humans lost their lives.
1888 Discovery of the radio waves and the chromosomes. The invention of the photographic film made amateur photography possible. Introduction of the electrical chair for executions. Invention of the stenography. Death of the German emperor Wilhelm.
1889 Start-up of the Augsburg Localbahn (industrial railway). Discovery of the tetanus germ. Invention of smokeless gunpowder. In Paris the Eiffel Tower and in New York the first "skyscraper" (13 floors) are finished. The Austrian archduke Rudolf is found dead.
1890 Development of antitoxin vaccines against diphtheria and tetanus. Introduction of operation gloves. The German emperor Wilhelm II forces Bismarck to the resignation.
1891 Invention of the abrasive Karborundum. Otto Lilienthal starts to his first gliding flight.
1892 Invention of the thermos bottle. Building of the first automobile with rubber tires in France.
1893 Freud develops the psychoanalysis. Nansen almost reaches the north pole with 86,23° northern latitude. The alliance of Germany with Russia breaks; the Russians ally with France.
1894 Japan and China wage war about Korea. Czar Alexander III dies; his son Nikolaus II starts the succession to the throne.
1895 Discovery of the X-rays. Invention of the antenna.
1896 The first Olympic Games of the present time take place. The unknown Greek shepherd Spiridon Louis wins the marathon. Discovery of the uranium radiation. Otto Lilienthal dies with a flight test. The discovery of gold in Klondike in the northwest of Canada leads to a second gold rush.
1897 In Augsburg the first diesel engine runs. Discovery of the alpha and beta rays. Use of nickel as catalyst for the hydrogenation of vegetable oils and beginning of the margarine production. Recognize the mosquitoes as malaria transmitters. Invention of the oscilloscope. Cuba revolts against the Spanish occupation.
1898 Discovery of viruses as disease initiators. First really seaworthy submarine.
1899 Foundation of the Professional Fire Dept. Augsburg. In South Africa the Boer War breaks out.
1900 Max Plank presents the quantum theory. Discovery of the gamma rays and the groups of blood. The first zeppelin rises into the sky. Invention of the paper clip. The ancient Knossos is excavated. Striking down of the "Boxer Rebellion" in China. Victory of the British over the Boers in South Africa. London is with 6.6 millions inhabitants the largest city in the world.
1901 Construction of the Lech canal. Invention of the radio. Queen Victoria of England dies. The American president McKinley becomes victim of an assassination attempt. For the first time Nobel Prizes are awarded. Razor blade and vacuum cleaner are patented. The first Mercedes comes off the line.
1902 Start of production at Hoechst in Gersthofen. The LEW (Lech Elektrizitätswerke power station) is registered in the trade register. Recognize the chromosomes as carrier of the genetic make-up. Invention of the teddy bear. Great Britain makes an alliance with Japan as a protection against Germany.
1903 The Voluntary Fire Dept. of Batzenhofen (FFB) procures a four-wheeled extinguishing machine with 50 m hoses and 3 nose- pieces. The first engine-powered flight by the Wright brothers takes whole 12 seconds. First electrocardiogram. 
1904 Bing Crosby sees the light of day. Invention of the rectifier valve, the pre-stressed concrete and the offset printing. The Russian-Japanese War begins with the bombardment of Port Artur by the Japanese. Great Britain allies itself with the Frenchmen.
1905 Albert Einstein develops the special theory of relativity. Discovery of the hormones. The Japanese-Russian War ends with the defeat of the Russians. Norway becomes independent of Sweden. Wilhelm II speaks out in favor of a free Morocco as a reaction to the alliance Great Britain/France. Starting from this time Europe is split into two hostile camps: Germany and its allied ones on the one, France and its allied ones on the other side.
1906 First transmission of music by radio waves. Invention of the triode as amplifier tube. First washing machine. Discovery of the vitamins. In Great Britain the Dreadnaught, the largest battle ship of the world, is launched. Germany is with 62 millions inhabitants the most densely populated country in Western Europe.
1907 Foundation of the Veteranen- und Soldatenverein (veteran and soldier association), predecessor of the today's Soldaten- und Kameradschaftsverein (soldier and comradeship association). Invention of the radiocarbon method and the chemotherapy. Great Britain allies itself with Russia. Europe is now militarily split into two camps approximately equal in size.
1908 Building of a new school in Batzenhofen. Determination of the atomic size. Invention of the Geiger counter and the cellophane. Introduction of assembly-line production by Henry Ford. Devastating meteorite impact in central Siberia. Development of the Haber-Bosch-process for the cheap production of fertilizers and explosives. All conditions for the war are given now.
1909 Foundation of the Obstbauverein Batzenhofen (fruit-growing association), forerunner of the today's Obst- und Gartenbauverein (fruit and horticulture association). Foundation of the TSV Gersthofen (gymnastics and sports association). Discovery of Salvarsan as the first effective remedy against syphilis. Introduction of tungsten glow wires as replacement for carbon fibers. Invention of Bakelite as the second plastic after Rayon. Peary reaches the north pole as the first of humans.
1910 Invention of the neon light and beginning of the advertising with neon lights. The British king Edward VII dies; his son George V takes over the throne. In Portugal a revolution brings 800 years of monarchy to an end. Japan annexes Korea. Halley's comet approaches the earth and is regarded as a harbinger of imminent mischief by some.
1911 Pfersee and Oberhausen become parts of the city of Augsburg. Rutherford recognizes the atomic structure. Cosmic radiation, superconductivity and cancer viruses are discovered. The first water airplane is built. First air mail. End of the cranking: The electrical starter is invented. Roald Amundsen reaches the South Pole. The last emperor of China is overthrown by revolution. Also in Mexico and Russia disturbances appear. Italy declares war to Turkey about Libya and conquers Tripoli. France occupies Morocco; Germany is indignant and sends a gunboat to Agadir. It looks like war coming, but then Germany recognizes the French government in Morocco and receives in return a part of French Equatorial Africa.
1912 Batzenhofen gets electricity and power current. The Titanic collides with an iceberg and sinks. Construction of the first Diesel locomotive. Wegener recognizes the continental drift. The hydrogenation of coal is invented. Germany becomes independent of imported petroleum. Outbreak of the Balkans war.
1913 Augsburg swallows the edge municipalities Lechhausen and Hochzoll. The ozone layer is discovered. Production of stainless steel. First bra. Unrests in Mexico continue. Turkey gives up large parts of its territory; the controversy over the booty leads to the second Balkans war.
1914 Invention of freezing food. Opening of the Panama canal. First traffic light. The murder of the Austrian successor to the throne escalates to the First World War. In Mexico the civil war begins. Gandhi returns to India and begins the peaceful resistance against colonial rule.
1915 World War I is in full course. The Germans begin to use poisonous gas. German submarines try to cut off the British islands of the supply. Gradually the first combat aircrafts are used. Germany looses most of its colonies.
1916 Einstein develops the general theory of relativity. The trench warfare at the west front demands enormous numbers of victims. The British use for the first time tanks. The British and the German fleet come to blows at the Skagerrak. The public opinion of the neutral USA is directed more and more against Germany.
1917 Beginning of the aircraft construction in Augsburg. On 1st July the first Augsburg Rumpler biplane starts on the old airfield in Haunstetten. The expansion of the universe is discovered. Invention of the sonar equipment. The Russian troops begin to mutiny, while German troops penetrate the east front. Czar Nikolaus II resigns. The October Revolution breaks out and brings Lenin to the power, who strives for an armistice. Germany defeats Italy at Caporetto; Veneto becomes German property. The British capture Jerusalem. Germany resumes the submarine war, on which the USA declares war to Germany and land troops in France. Mata Hari is arrested and executed.
1918 The FFB gets a new push ladder for 670.- Marks. For Germany the victory seems within reach: The east front is under control; a large offensive in the west is introduced. But Frenchmen and Englishmen strike back the Germans with American support. Germany is not able to hold the west front any longer, when its allies give up one by one. The Free State of Bavaria is proclaimed. On November 9th Wilhelm II abdicates and on November 11th Germany signs an armistice. The balance is terrible: 8,5 millions dead ones and 21 millions wounded. Further 20 millions humans die during a devastating flue epidemic. In Russia chaos prevails. The Czar family gets executed. On the European map new states emerge: Poland, Finland, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia. Austria and Hungary become independent republics.
1919 Start of the first Bavarian Airline Augsburg - Munich - Berlin. Opening of the conference of peace in Versailles. Foundation of the Völkerbund (League of Nations). On June 28th the Versailles Contract is signed, which obligates Germany to transfer Alsace Lorraine, West Prussia, all colonies and to the payment of high reparations. The Weimar Republic is founded. In Russia civil war goes on.
1920 The dendrochronology for the determination of the age of wooden artifacts is developed. With the Russian civil war the Bolsheviks win the upper hand. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania declare their independence. Between Turkey and Greece still war prevails. Mahatma Gandhi is elected for the president of the Indian National Congress. The world population reaches 1,8 billion despite the high war losses.
1921 Discovery of the insulin against diabetes and the vitamin d against rickets. Invention of lead tetraethyl as anti-knock additive for cheap gasoline. First motorway. Introduction of the airmail in the USA. In the Near and Middle East peace comes in: Persia attains sovereignty, Turkey makes peace with Russia, in Russia the civil war ends.
1922 With excavations at the Euphrates the Gilgamesch Epos is found (worth reading!). Howard Carter discovers the intact tomb of Pharaoh Tutenchamun. The USSR is founded. Egypt becomes independent of the British. In Turkey the sultanate is abolished. In Italy the PNF party under Mussolini comes to power. Germany goes through an economic crises with high inflation rate.
1923 The inflation in Germany gallops. 1 Dollar corresponds to 4,2 billion paper Marks. The savings of the middle class become worthless, many become impoverished. In addition the humiliating defeat and the treatment by the winners let many Germans think of a solution by force to solve their problems Adolf Hitler takes advantage of this mood with his NSDAP; his coup attempt however fails. Mustafa Kemal ("Atatuerk") founds Turkey.
1924 Paavo Nurmi wins 4 gold medals with the Olympic Games in Paris, Johnny Weismueller get 3 ones. In South Africa a skull of the Australopithecus, the earliest known hominid is found.  The ionosphere is discovered. Invention of the fiberboard. Lenin dies and a struggle for power breaks out between his potential successors. Mussolini develops his power in Italy.
1925 The synthesis of morphine succeeds. Signing of the Contracts of Locarno. Hitler publishes the first part of "Mein Kampf" (my fight).
1926 Born, Schrödinger and Heisenberg establish quantum mechanics. The first liquid fuel rocket is ignited. First steam iron, first crazy golf course. In the Soviet Union Stalin becomes generally accepted as an heir of Lenin and governs the country with an iron hand. In Japan emperor Yoshihito dies.
1927 Heisenberg discovers the uncertainty relation. Remnants of the Peking hominid are found. The first sound film is shown in the cinemas. Lindbergh flies nonstop from New York to Paris. In the northern Iraq oil is found; the development of the Near East to the biggest oil supplier of the world begins.
1928 The FFB gets uniformed. Big fire of the messuages Wagner and Ortolf. Institution of the old people's home "Sonnenhof" (i.e. sun yard). A flood destroys the Schmutter bridge. Discovery of the penicillin. First Mickey Mouse film. Still under the impression of First World Wars frights, 63 states in Paris sign the Briand Kellog pact, in which war as a tool of national policy is outlawed.
1929 Procurement of an engine-driven fire pump for the FFB. Discovery of the nuclear fusion as the energy supplier of the sun. Construction of the first particle accelerator. Discovery of the sex hormones. Invention of the EEG (electroencephalogram) and the cardiac catheter. A catastrophic sharp fall in prices at the American stock exchange announces the worldwide economic crises. Mussolini surrenders 44 hectares to the Vatican; the Pope regards himself no longer as a prisoner of the Vatican palace.
1930 Max Schmeling becomes box world champion - by a hit below the belt of his opponent. In Uruguay the first soccer world championship takes place. The planet Pluto is discovered. A machine for the solution of differential equations is built, the forerunner of the computer. Freon is invented and due to its positive properties on a large scale used as refrigerant, propellant and cleaning agent. The destruction of the ozone layer by CFC begins. The American stock prices go down again and cause the worldwide economic crises. Banks go bankrupt, savings dissolve in nothing and unemployment rises rapidly. For the first time the USA have more emigrants than immigrants. In Germany the worldwide economic crises increases the power of Hitler. The population of world reaches 2 billion humans.
1931 Balloon altitude record of Auguste Piccard with hydrogen gas from Gersthofen and balloon "made in Augsburg". Invention of the neoprene as replacement for India rubber and of the nylon as replacement for silk. The worldwide economic crises worsens. The religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses develops. After the overthrow of Alfons XIII Spain becomes republic.
1932 The neutron is discovered; the electron microscope is invented. Roosevelt becomes 32nd President of the USA. The stock prices reach the lowest level of all times; in the USA nearly one quarter of all people are unemployed. In Europe fascism gains ground.
1933 Artificial production of vitamin c. Hitler becomes chancellor of the German Reich. Germany leaves the League of Nations. Stalin accomplishes the first "cleaning" in the communist party and lets liquidate everyone, whose loyalty he doubts.
1934 Barn fire in the messuage of Martin Ehinger. Beebe reaches a record depth of 923 m in a deep-sea diving sphere. Hindenburg, President of the German Reich, dies. Hitler takes over his power and becomes the "Führer" (i.e. leader). The Soviet Union recognizes the threat of war, coming out from Germany and Japan and joins the League of Nations. The Chinese communists under Mao Tse-tung begin their long march to inner China.
1935 Uranium-235 is discovered. Cortisone is isolated and used as anti-inflammatory medicine. Radar is developed. First application of parking meters. Richter defines the scale for the measurement of earthquakes, which is designated to his name. Italian troops march into Ethiopia. The Saarland decides in a referendum for Germany. Under open contempt of the Versailles Contract Hitler begins with rearmament. He pushes through the Nuremberg Laws, which cuts all rights of the Jews. Persia calls itself Iran.
1936 Max Schmeling knocks out Joe Louis. Olympic Games in Berlin. Jesse Owens achieves 4 gold medals. Italy annexes Ethiopia; the Italian king receives the title "Emperor of Ethiopia". Germany makes alliances with Italy and Japan. In Spain a revolt of generals under Francisco Franco takes place.
1937 In Batzenhofen the first tractors are used. On May 6th the largest airship ever built, the "Hindenburg" explodes with the landing approach to Lakehurst. The first useful electron microscope is developed and the first radio telescope is put into operation. Nestlé develops instant coffee. The Japanese conquer Peking and north China completely. Stalin makes the Soviet army almost out of action with his "cleanings".
1938 Artificial production of vitamin e. The photocopier and the ballpoint pen are invented. Hitler's army marches into Austria and occupies the Sudeten parts of Czechoslovakia. The "Reichskristallnacht" (i.e. Reich crystal night) on November 9th becomes the beginning of the Holocaust. Japan continues its advance in China to the border of the Soviet Union and is struck there by the Soviets.
1939 A Me 109 aircraft flies world record with a speed of 755 km/h (469 mph). O. Hahn discovers the nuclear fission. The rhesus factor is discovered. The DDT and the helicopter are developed. Hitler marches into Czechoslovakia and annexes Bohemia-Moravia. He forces Lithuania to give the German-language Memel territory to him, then he requires the delivery of Danzig (Gdansk) by Poland. Italy enters Albania. On September 1st Hitler's troops invade Poland, whereupon France and England declare war to Germany on September 3rd. World War II has begun. The USA behave neutrally first.
1940 The production of enriched Uranium succeeds. Streptomycin is discovered. First experiments with color television. Charlie Chaplin shoots the movie "The great Dictator", a caricature of Hitler. Lale Anderson sings "Lili Marleen". Germany penetrates into the north. Denmark falls within one day and German troops land in Norway. Chamberlain retires and Churchill takes over his function. The Netherlands capitulate under the attack of the Germans, shortly after this also Belgium, the way to north France is free. Mussolini is confident of victory now and declares war to France and Great Britain. Paris falls to the Germans. General Charles de Gaulle escapes to London. The British refuse to capitulate, so the air battle for England begins, but Germany is not equal to this task. Japan marches into French Indochina.
1941 The first jet aircraft takes off. Making of the first combine. The Germans force Bulgaria and Yugoslavia to join them and storm into Greece. Hitler sends Rommel to North Africa, where Italians and British fight each other. Hitler without declaration of war marches into the Soviet Union on June 22nd. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor on December 7th. The USA declares war on Japan. Hitler stands by his alliance with Japan and declares war on the USA.
1942 The first nuclear reactor is put into operation on a trial basis. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman starring in Casablanca. Wernher von Braun launches the first rocket, which can be used as guided missile. The Germans start their second great offensive and approach Stalingrad (Volgograd). Rommel further advances in North Africa. Then the change arises: The USA stop the Japanese Pacific offensive, the British under Montgomery defeat the Germans near El Alamein. The red army starts a counteroffensive at Stalingrad.
1943 LSD is discovered. Jacques Cousteau invents the compressed air aqualung. The UFA (German film studio) celebrates its 25-year existence with the color film "Münchhausen" (Munchausen) with Hans Albers in the title role. The Soviets finish the siege of Leningrad and force the Germans to the surrender at Stalingrad. The Germans start their 3rd summer offensive, but are held back by the Soviets. Rebellion in the Warsaw Jew ghetto. The bombing of German towns is intensified. British and Americans land in Sicily and work their way forward to the north.
1944 The war leads to the foundation of a lady fire dept. It has its first deployment after a bomb attack in Rettenbergen. Teflon is invented and used as nonstick coating. The synthesis of quinine is successful. The first German V2 missile starts with direction to London. The Soviets move forward to the west further and further. British and American troops in Italy conquer Rome and Florence. In the north the invasion of the Allies begins in the Normandy. Almost all of France is set free at the end of August. The Germans start a last, but unsuccessful offensive in the Ardennes. The USA destroys the remnants of the Japanese navy in the Pacific. Glenn Miller disappears without trace at a flight from Great Britain to France.
1945 Bomb attack to Batzenhofen - 3 dead, 1 residential building destroyed. The first test on an atomic bomb is successful. The jet streams are discovered and used for faster flights. The artificial kidney machine is developed. Ballpoint pens come onto the market. In February the Soviets stand 50 km in front of Berlin. Hitler commits suicide on April 30th; two days before partisans shot Mussolini. Germany surrenders unconditionally on May 8th. On August 6th the USA drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and on 9th a second one on Nagasaki. The Japanese surrender on September 2nd. World War II is over. 55 M people have lost their lives; 10 M are left homeless. The Germans have murdered one third of the Jewish world population. The United Nations (UN) is founded.
1946 Beginning of the renovation and dehumidification of the parish church St. Martin. Integration of 172 displaced persons. Beginning of the extension of the old people's home "Sonnenhof". The first electronic computer ENIAC is built. Invention of the bikini. The Nuremberg processes take place. The Soviet Union consolidates its dominance in Europe. The "cold war" starts.
1947 Deployment of the FFB for the fighting of a great forest fire near Mittenwald. The radiocarbon dating method and the instant camera are invented. The sound barrier is broken for the first time. Thor Heyerdahl sails from Peru to Tahiti on the Kon-Tiki. TV conquers the private households in the USA. The Marshall plan contributes to the upswing in Western Europe. India is dismissed in the independence by Great Britain. 
1948 Re-foundation of the CSC Batzenhofen-Hirblingen (sports club). Invention of the transistor and the long-playing record. The Big Bang hypothesis arises. Cortisone is used against arthritis. Piccard achieves 1400 m of sea depth with his Bathyscaph. The state of Israel is founded. Yugoslavia founds a communistic regime under Tito. The Soviets send their army to Czechoslovakia and impose a blockade on West Berlin. The USA set up the airlift. A fanatic murders Gandhi. First crossing of the Atlantic with a jet aircraft. The "Wirtschaftswunder" (economic miracle) starts slowly with the currency reform and the unbroken will of the defeated people.
1949 Invention of the "atomic clock". First atomic bomb test of the Soviets. On Mt. Palomar the giant telescope is put into operation. The Chinese civil war ends after 15 years. The Soviets break off the blockade of Berlin. Two German states are founded: BRD (FRG) and DDR (GDR). The West German constitution becomes effective. Konrad Adenauer becomes Federal Chancellor and Ludwig Erhard becomes minister for economic affairs. The USA and the Western European countries ally themselves to the NATO. South Africa starts with the apartheid politics.
1950 Renovation of the old Batzenhofen Fire Station near the church. Gersthofen becomes market town. The Korea war starts. Chinese troops invade Tibet. London with 8.1 M inhabitants is still the biggest town in the world.
1951 The FFB puts out a barn fire in Holzhausen. Batzenhofen after all shall get a new bridge over the Schmutter. The UNIVAC Computer is built. Fluorine is used for caries prophylaxis. China occupies Tibet. In the Korea war first negotiations are started.
1952 The FFB gets new dress uniforms and safety helmets. Repair of the parsonage. Emil Zatopek wins 3 gold medals at the Olympic Games in Helsinki. Ignition of the first hydrogen bomb by the USA. Invention of the gas chromatography. D. Eisenhower becomes the 34th president of the USA.
1953 In Batzenhofen the first milking machine starts running. The new bridge over the Schmutter is opened to traffic. Clearing up the DNA structure. Production of isotactic PE. Invention of the maser, the heart lung machine, the transistor radio and the spray can. Beginning of the TV operations in the FRG. In the cinema runs "Verdammt in alle Ewigkeit" (condemned for all eternity). End of the Korea war. Death of J. Stalin. Coronation of Elizabeth II to the queen of Great Britain. Russian tanks end the worker's revolt in the Soviet sector of Berlin bloodily on June 17t.
1954 In Batzenhofen gets street lighting and its first tarred street. The German team under Sepp Herberger and Fritz Walter becomes a soccer world's champion against Hungary in Berne. Bill Haley plays Rock Around The Clock. Vaccination against poliomyelitis. First successful kidney transplant. First nuclear reactor for generation of electricity. First solar cells. Issue of a patent for the first industrial robot. The invention of the anti-baby pill rings in the sexual revolution. Contact lenses made of plastic. Abd El Nasser becomes governor of Egypt.
1955 In the Schmid inn Batzenhofen's first TV starts running. First production of artificial diamonds. Invention of the Lego bricks. Foundation of the Warsaw pact.
1956 Foundation of the Batzenhofen Brass Band, predecessor of today's Music Association. Toni Sailer skis gold three times at the Olympic Winter Games in Cortina 'd Ampezzo. Grace Kelly becomes Gracia Patricia of Monaco. Discovery of the neutrino. Sale of the first VCR in the USA. Martin Luther King becomes a leader of the civil right campaigners in Alabama. Morocco, Tunisia and Ghana get independent. Egypt calls the Suez canal as a national property and causes the Suez crisis with that.
1957 Rosemarie Nitribitt (famous German call girl) is found murdered. The world is fascinated watching the Sputnik at the nightly sky. The sailing ship Pamir sinks during a storm and drags 80 young people into death. Discovery of interferon. Oral Vaccination against poliomyelitis. First cardiac pacemaker implant.
1958 The main street in Batzenhofen gets a stable tarred road surface. Setting up the traffic offender card index in Flensburg. Foundation of the NASA. Invention of the dry photocopy (xerography). Charles de Gaulle returns to power. Chruschtschow becomes prime minister.
1959 Procurement of a trailer with a TS 8 transportable fire engine, which is used for the first time with a fire of the messuage of J. Reiter. The Raiffeisen store goes into business. First comic of Asterix and Obelix. The USSR shoots Lunik 2 to the moon surface. Discovery of skull parts of the homo habilis in the Olduwai ravine. Fidel Castro becomes a governor in Cuba. The Persian shah marries Farah Diba. First transistor TV.
1960 In Batzenhofen combines are used for the first time at the grain harvest. Armin Harry runs the 100 meters for gold at the Olympics in Rome. Invention of the laser. Production of the first integrated circuits. First weather satellites. Cyprus gets independent. Adolf Eichmann is found and kidnapped by the Israeli secret service. Numerous African states get their independence. The world population has increased to over 3 billion people. Tokyo is the biggest town in the world with almost 10 million inhabitants. The so-called "anti-baby pill" gets available in the shops.
1961 Expansion of the Batzenhofen cemetery. Consecration of the new CSC sports grounds. The Russian J. A. Gagarin starts as the first person for a flight to the space on April 12th. The first electronic watch comes to the market; the function of the unrest takes a tiny tuning fork. The GDR regime starts with the building of the Berlin Wall. John F. Kennedy becomes a 35th president of the USA.
1962 Outside renovation of the parish church St. Martin. Marilyn Monroe dies under mysterious circumstances. Marika Kilius and Hans-Jürgen Bäumler become figure skating world's champions. Hamburg is inundated by a storm tide. The Wall between GDR and FRG demands the first death. J. H. Glenn starts as the first American to the space. Adolf Eichmann is executed in Israel. The USA set Telstar, the first telecommunications satellite, into operation. First usable LEDs. The stationing of Soviets' medium-range missiles in Cuba causes the Cuba crises. The world is close to a nuclear war. The beginning of the Vietnam war. Pope Johannes XIII opens the second council in the history of the Christendom.
1963 Mounting of a siren on the schoolhouse. The new electrical fruit press in the cider house is put into operation. The Beatles sing "She Loves You". The ZDF (second German TV channel) begins to operate. "Cleopatra" with Liz Taylor is to this date the most expensive film in the world. Discovery of the quasars. In a dramatic rescue operation 14 spilled are freed after the mine disaster of Lengede. John F. Kennedy confesses: "Ich bin ein Berliner" (I am a Berliner). He is murdered a few months later. The tranquillizer valium conquers the market.
1964 The FFB for the first time takes part in the examination to the badge of performance. Deployment at a flood disaster in Stadtbergen. Batzenhofen gets a coat of arms. Holdorf wins the decathlon at the Olympics in Tokyo. Lyndon B. Johnson becomes a U.S. president and intrudes on the Vietnam war. Chruschtschow is deposed in the Soviet Union; Kossygin and Breschnew share the power now.
1965 Demolition of the old fire station near the church. 90-year anniversary of the FFB with consecration of a new flag. Mary Quant creates the miniskirt. The Mars probe Mariner 4 takes photos of Mars from a distance of only 10,000 km. The Soviet cosmonaut Leonow as the first person leaves the protection of the space capsule. The American satellite Gemini 7 approaches the sister ship Gemini 6 to a few meters - the first rendezvous in space. First laser holograms. The USA starts with the systematic bombing of Northern Vietnam.
1966 The Batzenhofen water supply plant is put into operation. The controversial "third goal of Wembley" costs Germany the soccer world championship. It comes to the grand coalition in Bonn. First lunar landing by the Soviet probe Luna 9. First docking maneuver of two Gemini satellites. The cultural revolution starts in China. Indira Gandhi becomes an Indian prime minister.
1967 Construction of a new milk collecting point, today Eckl's motorcycle workshop. The Herdweg (side street) is widened and tarred. The municipality scales with "Wogheisle" (scales lodge), popular youth meeting place, is removed. First New Year's Eve run in Gersthofen. Three American astronauts die because of a fire in an Apollo capsule. A Russian cosmonaut is killed since the parachute of the Sojus capsule doesn't open completely. Dr. Barnard carries out the first successful heart transplant. Six-day war of Israel against the Arab allies. The Vietnam war leads to protests and disturbances in the USA.
1968 Opening of the new Augsburg airport. Apollo 8 revolves the moon ten times with three crewmembers on board. The protests against the Vietnam war lead to the renunciation of Johnson for a renewed candidacy. The bombing of Northern Vietnam is stopped. Martin Luther King becomes the victim of an assassination. R. Nixon becomes president of the USA. The "Prague spring" in Czechoslovakia is stopped violently by a military intervention of the Warsaw pact. An assassination is committed to student leader Rudi Dutschke.
1969 1,000 years Batzenhofen. Closing down of the Batzenhofen school association. Land consolidation and regulation of the Schmutter come to an end. Gersthofen becomes a city and begins a town twinning with Nogent-sur-Oise (France). Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin land on the moon with Apollo 11 on July 20th. The first artificial heart is implanted. The bypass surgery is developed. The Internet is set up - and is scarcely noticed! (Its hard to believe, isn't it?)
1970 The FFB procures 4 breathing apparatuses. Beginning of the construction of a new sewage system.  Augsburg becomes university town. The new chancellor Willy Brandt starts with his ostpolitik. Development of the glass fiber technique to telecommunication. Making of the first scanning electron microscope. The first supersonic passenger aircraft is put into operation. Invention of the teletext. Apollo 13 is aborted because of an explosion on board. Thor Heyerdahl crosses the Atlantic with Ra II.
1971 The beginning of the friendship to the Fire Dept. of Sautens/Ötztal (Tyrol, Austria). Radio controlled siren. Start of construction for the 138 m high Augsburg hotel tower. Apollo 14 takes 45 kg rocks from the moon to the earth. The Soviet Saljut 1 is the first space station. TI puts the first pocket calculator on the market; it weights approx. 1 kg and costs 150 dollars. The Aswan dam begins to produce electricity. The People's Republic of China is accepted to UNO. Bangladesh declares its independence of west Pakistan. Willy Brandt gets the Nobel peace prize for his ostpolitik. Prominent woman confess in public to have had abortions.  Erich Honecker takes the place of Walter Ulbricht.
1972 The FFB does with three groups neighborly help at the fire of a brickyard in Gersthofen. The incorporation of Haunstetten, Göggingen, Bergheim and Inningen lets Augsburg grow by 42,000 inhabitants. The Olympics in Munich are overshadowed by an attack on the Israeli team. Eleven athletes are killed. The § 218 is changed; abortion is legalized under certain circumstances. Introduction of the computed tomography. Invention of the CD. Apollo 17 is the last moon-landing mission. Ceylon exclaims the republic and calls itself Sri Lanka. The civil war in Northern Ireland goes in the third year and gets bloodier and bloodier.
1973 First City Sports Festival of Gersthofen. The beginning of genetic engineering. HiFi and the DIN 45500 are born. The USA withdraws their last troops from Vietnam. The Watergate affair is uncovered. A military putsch supported by the CIA in Chile leads to the murder of president Allende, who was voted in free elections. General Pinochet sets up a totalitarian regime. The Jom-Kippur war of Egypt and Syria against Israel leads to the oil embargo of the Arabian stats against the western world. The German government reacts with speed limits and ban on driving on Sundays. Speed 100 on country roads is kept until today.
1974 ABBA wins the Grand Prix with "Waterloo". Rudi Carell's "Am laufenden Band" (at the running conveyor) becomes the German favorite TV program. Discovery of the influence of CFCs on the ozone layer. The world's biggest nuclear power plant - Biblis A - starts to produce electricity. HP puts the first programmable pocket calculator on the market. Nixon resigns due to the Watergate affair and Brandt resigns due to the Guillaume affair. Helmut Schmidt becomes a chancellor. Turkish troops occupy a part of Cyprus. Portugal gives up its colonies as the last of the European countries.
1975 The FFB procures a LF8 fire engine. The community center with fire station is built. Hirblingen incorporates to Gersthofen. The development of microchips makes it possible to build the first PC. With betamax Sony puts the first home video system on the market. The Soviet civil rights campaigner A. D. Sacharow is honored with the Nobel peace prize. Dictator Franco dies in Spain; democracy begins.
1976 The first cash dispensers are installed. Seveso becomes synonym for chemistry accidents. The Concorde starts to regular flights. Jimmy Carter becomes a 39th president of the USA. Mao Tse-tung dies. The Olympic hostess Silvia Sommerlath becomes a queen on the side of Carl Gustaf of Sweden. Nicki Lauda has an accident on the Nürburgring.
1977 Procurement of a TS8 transportable fire engine. Boney M. have their "Ma Baker". The RAF kidnaps and kills Hans-Martin Schleyer. The approx. 4 million years old hominid's fossil "Lucy" is discovered. The computed tomography is introduced. The USA develops the neutron bomb. The smallpox virus is wiped out definitely because of mass vaccination. As a replacement for the first time AIDS appears as a new scourge of mankind. Bill Gates sets up the company Microsoft in an American garage.
1978 The FFB gets equipped with walkie-talkies. Batzenhofen, Edenbergen and Rettenbergen are incorporated to Gersthofen. The first Gersthofener Gewerbeschau (trade show) takes place. The first "test-tube baby" is produced in England. The last VW beetle leaves the conveyer. Reinhold Messner climbs first the Mount Everest without breathing apparatus.
1979 After a more than 20 years lasting break Batzenhofen puts up a maypole again. Setting up the theory that a meteorite impact may be the reason for the great dying of the dinosaurs. Mobile phone and walkman come onto the market. The European booster rocket Ariane does its maiden flight. The Iranian shah goes into the exile. Ayatollah Khomeni takes over the political leadership. Soviet troops march into Afghanistan. Margret Thatcher becomes a first female prime minister of Great Britain. The first great accident in the history of nuclear power: Harrisburg.
1980 The FFB takes part in the 25th German Fire Depts. Day in Hanover. Explosion of the volcano of Mount St. Helen in the U.S. state of Washington. Microsoft provides the operating system for the IBM PCs. After an unsuccessful rescue attempt of Carter's government for hostages of the embassy in Teheran, Ronald Reagan becomes a new president of the USA. Lech Walesa founds the Solidarnosc labor union. The Yugoslavian state and party leader Tito dies.
1981 Start of the TV series "Dallas". First space shuttle flight. Mercedes installs airbags. The first compact disks come onto the market. Prince Charles marries Lady Di.
1982 The FFB puts out a fire in a room of Schaflitzel and a gas tank fire at the Schmid inn. Helmut Kohl becomes a Federal Chancellor. IBM puts the laser printer onto the market. The first laptop computers are sold. Argentina occupies the Falkland Islands, capitulates to Great Britain however few weeks later.
1983 First Gersthofener Bürgerfest (citizen celebration). Apple introduces the first office computer with a "mouse". Hitler's diaries turn out to be a faking. The Greens (German ecology party) take the jump to the Bundestag.
1984 Apple brings the first Macintosh to the market. Murder of Indira Gandhi. For the first time it is openly reported about the "forest dieback". 2,000 people die of pesticide in Bhopal due to the so far biggest chemistry catastrophe. The cable TV starts.
1985 The FFB helps at the high water in Biberbach and Affaltern and participates in a Naß-Leistungs-Wettbewerb (water performance competition) in Sautens/Tyrol. Dian Fossey ("Gorillas in the Fog") is found murdered. The wreck of the Titanic is discovered. Boris Becker reaches the word's top in Wimbledon. Joschka Fischer becomes as the first of the Greens a Secretary. Gorbatschow is elected the new state and party leader of the Soviet Union. "Glasnost" and "Perestroika" become the catchwords of the year. A hole in the ozone layer is for the first time discovered over the Antarctic; the fears of 1974 prove well-funded. In Wackersdorf the German government starts despite great protests with the construction of the WAA (nuclear waste reprocessing plant). The glycol wine scandal shakes Austria.
1986 The FFB gets a hydraulic rescue equipment. The super MCA of Tschernobyl. Halley's comet is examined by the space probe Giotto. The invention of the scanner allows processing of pictures with a computer. The American space shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after the start. The USA bombards Tripoli in response to Libyan terrorist attacks.
1987 Uwe Barschel dies under mysterious circumstances. Steffi Graf gets first in the world rankings. Discovery of the "high temperature" supra conduction. Reagan and Gorbatschow sign a contract to withdraw nuclear medium-range missiles from Europe. The beginning of the construction at the Euro Tunnel.
1988 The FFB gets a multi-purpose vehicle and celebrates this with an Open Day. Tragic accident at a flight show in Ramstein: 70 people die, 350 are hurt. Steffi Graf's first victory in Wimbledon. The years 1987 and 1988 are the hottest ones since the beginning of the meteorological notes. This indicates that the greenhouse effect starts to work. The first Astra TV satellite obtains its orbit.
1989 The GDR opens its borders on November 9th. The democracy movement gets mowed down in Peking on the "place of the heavenly peace". Gigantic oil pollution in Alaska after the accident of the Exxon Valdez. End for the WAA in Wackersdorf.
1990 The German Unification becomes official. The Hubble space telescope is sent on an earth orbit. The first outdoor attempt of genetic engineering in Germany. The South African civil rights campaigner Nelson Mandela becomes free after 27 years of prison. Boris Jelzin takes the office of the chairman in the High Soviet. Saddam Hussein occupies Kuwait. The gulf war starts.
1991 The Federal Railways starts intercity express train service. Mountaineers find the 5,300 years old corpse of "Ötzi" on the Similaun glacier. After 18 years (!) construction time comes the stop for the "Schneller Brüter" (fast breeder reactor) in Kalkar. Boris Jelzin causes the Moscow revolt to fail and takes the authority of the state. This means the end of the USSR.
1992 The open-air swimming pool "Gerfriedswelle" and the Gersthofen City Center are opened. Euro Disney opens in Paris. The last part of the Rhine-Main-Danube cannel is opened. The laptop develops to the notebook. Bush and Jelzin finally agree to the disarmament in Camp David. A common European currency is decided on in Maastricht.
1993 Boris Becker and his "Babs" are the perfect couple of the year. The apartheid is abolished definitely in South Africa. The botched Hubble telescope gets "spectacles" and after this provides fantastic pictures. Salmonellae in hen's eggs, BSE and swine fever bring the intensive livestock farming into disrepute. The financially most successful film of all times is "Jurassic Park".
1994 To the inauguration of the new kindergarten and parish hall a great celebration takes place. The tunnel under the Channel is completed. Impact of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on the Jupiter. A 1,000 ton meteorite crashes into the Pacific. 912 people die with the sinking of the Estonia. The sale of tomatoes changed genetically is permitted in the USA.
1995 The FFB is guest to the 100-year celebration of the comrades in Sautens/Tyrol. The planning for the procurement of a new fire engine begins. "Experts" in Germany decide on a spelling reform. The first TY movies in 16:9 format. Ebola epidemic in Zaire. Windows 95 conquers the market.
1996 Improve the alarming by installation of a second siren. Procurement and installation of new breathing apparatus PA 94. A fund-rising campaign allows the procurement of a trailer. The comet Hyakutake approaches the earth except for 15 million km.
1997 Lady Diana is killed in a tragic road accident. The British leave Hong Kong and leave the town to China. With "Dolly" a mammal is for the first time cloned. The comet Hale-Bopp passes the Earth. The IMB chess-playing computer Deep Blue defeats Chess world's champion Garri Kasparow. Pathfinder lands on Mars.
1998 End of the era Kohl. Schröder becomes a chancellor. Intercity express train catastrophe in Eschede; 101 people are killed. Monika Lewinsky becomes the most well known trainee of the world. The film "Titanic" becomes a money-spinner. The telephone monopoly falls in Germany. Viagra comes onto the market.
1999 The FFB is in duty at the Pentecost flood in Augsburg. "100 DM action" of mayor Deffner. Gersthofen spellbound by the total eclipse of the sun. A loud bang ends the discussion about the old parsonage in Achsheim. The heads of the Lutheran world federation and the Vatican sign the common declaration about the justification doctrine in Augsburg, the town of the religious peace. Pope Johannes Paul II forbids the Roman Catholic advice centers to give confirmation letters, which entitle to abortion. Steffi Graf wins the French Open, is, however, defeated in Wimbledon. 377 weeks on place 1 of the world-ranking list come to an end. Both she and tennis legend Boris Becker say good-bye. The German handball players fetch the World cup. Michael Schumacher is luck in an accident and breaks "only" his leg in Silverstone. The definite decision on the introduction of the Euro is made. German troops participate in the Kosovo war. The world population reaches the six billion limit. The great millennium fever.
2000 125 years anniversary of the Voluntary Fire Dept. Batzenhofen (FFB). For the Roman Catholic church the year started already in December when the sacred gates of St. Peters Cathedral and Lateran Basilica were opened. The feared Y2K chaos didn't take place. Does the new millennium start only on 1-1-2001? The price of gasoline climbs to more than 2 DM (marks). The word of honor of former chancellor Kohl leads to a crises of the CDU party - chance for Angelika Merkel. The planned start of construction for the Legoland in Günzburg was moved. Where to bring the burned down fuel elements from the Gundremmingen nuclear power plant? German Fire Depts. Day in Augsburg.
2001 The most important but also saddest incident of the year is the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th. After the impact of two hijacked passenger aircrafts, the 411 meters high symbol of New York sinks down to rubble and ash. More than 3,000 people are killed.
George W. Bush becomes a 43rd president of the USA due to the peculiar American electoral system, although his opponent can collect more voices. The Russian space station Mir burns out in the earth's atmosphere. The Netherlands legalize the active euthanasia as the first country in the world. The new Federal Chancellery in Berlin is opened. Former chancellors' wife Hannelore Kohl gives up the fight against her insidious illness and commits suicide. The "homo marriage" is legalized. American scientists clone successfully human embryos; where is the ethical limit in the fight for health and lives? The USA bombards the mountain fortresses in Afghanistan daily, but Osama bin Laden can't be seized. According to the new discount law you may haggle also in Germany about the price now; but most Germans still prefer to open the purse rather than the mouth. The grandee lady of eroticism dispatch, Beate Uhse, dies with 81 years. Sex keeps you young! The making of the Berlin Wall comes up again for the 40th time. The Norwegian crown prince Haakon marries the commoner Mette-Marit Tjessem Höipy despite her illegitimate son by a repeatedly previously convicted father in the cathedral of Oslo. Firetrap tunnel: In a truck accident in the 16.3 km long Gotthard tunnel eleven people die. The sunken Russian atomic submarine Kusrk is raised. The Bundestag abolishes the immoral status of prostitution. Former Beatle George Harrison succumbs 58 years old a cancer suffering. The Pisa study issues a bad testimonial to German pupils. Are really only the teachers to blame? After "Harry Potter" now "The Lord Of The Rings" conquers the German cinemas.
2002 Deployment of German soldiers in Kabul. The trial against former Yugoslavian president Milosevic begins in Den Haag. A 19 years old former pupil shoots 17 people and after that himself at the Gutenberg-Gymnasium in Erfurt. The Legoland in Günzburg opens its gates. First scandal with ecological food: Nitrofen is found. The most hot June since 1950. "König Fußball" (king soccer) rules the world. The Germans are in the final round, but are defeated by Southern America. Collision of two aircrafts near Überlingen/Lake Constance, 71 people die. During a flight show in Lwiw (Ukraine) 83 visitors are killed. The Dax (German stock index) slides below 3,000 points. Flood of the century in August. On September 22nd it's certain: Schröder remains chancellor. A few weeks later it's also certain, that the majority doesn't want him. Snowfall on September 24th. Snipers terrorize Washington for several weeks and shoot 11 people.
Severe financial crises for Augsburg Airways. Chechnyan rebels take 700 humans as hostages in the Moscow Theatre. The oil tanker "Prestige" sinks near the Spanish coast. 10,000 tons of oil run out immediately, the remaining 60,000 tons bit by bit. The retail trade protests against the can deposit. The Euro ("Teuro" i.e. expensivo) is not very popular with the Germans. The 15 EU-states decide in Copenhagen to incorporate another 10 states from Eastern and Middle Europe. Besides others Astrid Lindgren, Hildegard Knef, Fritz Walter, Rudolf Augstein, Billy Wilder, Thor Heyerdahl, James Coburn und Queen Mum died.
2003 We will see !

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