Videos about the Holy Land

  This page is dedicated to all men, that make effort to get a to all sides fair and therefore lasting peace in the Middle East.

The Videos are put into chronological order and make in their sum a documentation about the pilgrimage of the parish St. Martin Batzenhofen to the Holy Land.
Video Dominus Flevit Video Gethsemani Video Mount of Olives Video Jerusalem Video Holy Sepulchre
Dominus Flevit Gethsemani Mount of Olives Jerusalem 1 Holy Sepulcher
Way through the medieval center of Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives to Dominus Flevit church Church of Gethsemani, Mary's Grave, Grotto of Betrayal View from the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem and the Wall Way from Jaffa Gate through the Suq to the Holy Sepulcher Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher with Helena's Chapel
Video Valley of Kidron Video Church of Anna with Pond of Betesda Video Antonia Citadel Video Jerusalem  Video Mount Zion
Valley of Kidron Church of St. Anna Antonia Citadel Jerusalem 2 Mount Zion
Way from David's City to the Valley of Kidron Church of St. Anna in Jerusalem with Pond Bethesda The site of former Antonia Citadel with the Chapel of Flagellation, the Chapel of Condemnation and the Lithostrotos in the Convent of the Sisters of Zion Austrian Hospice - Armenian Quarter - Zion's Gate Church of Dormitio - Hall of Lord's Supper - David's Tomb
Video St. Peter in Gallicantu  Video Wadi Quelt (Wadi Kelt) Video Wadi Quelt (Wadi Kelt) Video Dead Sea Video Temple Mount
St. Peter in Gallicantu Wadi Kelt 1 Wadi Kelt 2 Dead Sea Temple Mount
St. Peter in Gallicantu and Valley of Hinnom Way through Wadi Quelt to Monastery of St. George, part 1 Way through Wadi Quelt to Monastery of St. George, part 2 Way from Wadi Quelt via Jericho, Mount of Temptation (Quarantana) and Masada to the Dead Sea Wailing Wall - Place of the Temple -Dome of the Rock - El Aqsa
Video Bethlehem Video Yad Vashem Video Hadassah Clinic with glass windows by Marc Chagall Video Haifa Video Sea of Galilee, Kapernaum, Tabgha
Bethlehem Yad Vashem Hadassah Clinic Haifa Kapernaum
Way from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, visiting the fields of shepherds, Herodion, Church of Nativity and Church of St. Catherine Yad Vashem - Shrine of the Book - Ein Karem The Hadassah Clinic holds a small synagogue with 12 world-famous glass windows made by Marc Chagall, representing the 12 tribes of Israel Way from Jerusalem via Latrun to Haifa Way from the shore of the Sea of Galilee via the Mount of Beatitudes to Kapernaum and back to Tabgha
Video Banyas Video Hermon Video Akko Video Nazareth  
Banyas Hermon Akko Nazareth  
Trip to the Golan Heights and way to the springs of river Jordan near Banyas Trip to the skiing region of the Hermon Trip from Tabgha via Tiberias to Akko Trip to Nazareth, Mary's Fountain and Church of Announcement  

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