Videos about a tour of Turkey

  The Videos are put into chronological order and make in their sum a documentation about a tour of the western half of Turkey.
Video Ankara   Video Cappadocia   Video Goereme   Video Konya   Video Pamukkale
Ankara   Cappadocia   Göreme   Kaymakli   Konya and Pamukkale
Viewing of Ankara and Trip to Cappadocia   Surroundings of Ürgüp and Uchisar.
  Visiting some of the cave churches in Goereme National Park.   Visiting the Valley of Love, Zelve, whirling Dervishes in Caravaserai Sarihan, underground city Kaymakli, Caravanserai Sultanhani.   Trip to the Dervish Monastery of Konya with Mausoleum of Mevlana Dschalal ad-Din ar-Rumi, Trip to Pamukkale with Necropolis.
Video Kusadasi   Video Milet, Didim, Priene and Nightingale Hill Bülbül Dag   Video Izmir and Pergamon   Video Troja and Bursa   Video Iznik and Istanbul
Mäander valley, Kusadasi and Ephesus   Milet, Didim, Priene, Bülbül Dag   Izmir and Pergamon   Troja and Bursa   Iznik, Marmara sea, Istanbul
Trip through the Mäander Valley to Kusadasi with visit of a tapestry maker in Denizli and visit of Ephesus.   Trip from Kusadasi via Söke to Milet with Theater and Faustina thermals, to the Apollon temple in Didim and Priene with Athena temple to the Nightingale Hill with chapel of Mary.
  With the ferry over the Gulf of Izmir, the old Smyrna. Continuation to Bergama and viewing of the old Pergamon and continuation to Ayvalik.
  Viewing if the antique Troja, famous excavation site of Heinrich Schliemann. Trip to Bursa with silk bazaar and Mosques.   In Iznik, the antique Nicäa, visit of the council church. Via Yalova with the ferry over the Marmara sea and Pendik to Istanbul. Visit of the spices market.
    Video Istanbul -- Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace   Video Istanbul -- Blue Mosque, Great Bazaar and Chora Church   Video Istanbul -- Antonius Church, Galata Tower, Bosporus boat trip, Süleymaniye, Shehzade Mosque    
    Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace   Blue Mosque, Great Bazaar, Chora Church   Antonius Church, Süleymaniye, Shehzade Mosque    
    Trip to the Hippodrome Place, viewing of Hagia Sophia and des Topkapi-Palace.
  Visit of Sultan Ahmed Camii (Blue Mosque), Visit of the Great Cistern, Walk through the Great Bazaar and viewing of the Chora Church.   Visit of the Anthony Church, Look down to Istanbul from the Galata Tower, boats trip on Bosporus, Visit of the Süleymaniye and the Shehzade Mosque.