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The parish church St Martin got in the years 1948/49 a harmonic ringing, consisting of 5 bells. The old bells had been processed to "cannon food". The inscriptions on the new bells testify to the horrors of World War II, only a few years ago, but also to the god-supported hope for lasting peace and new life. (The original inscriptions are in German and rhymes).

1st bell St Martin (Es)
Out of deep trouble I am born,
In greatest pain I was built.
Where all the world's love was lost,
I was built by firm belief nevertheless.
The belief in God I proclaim to all
Both in the struggle for life and death.
Where all the values fall from us,
My voice calls for God.

2nd bell St Laurentius (Ges)
Many thousands gave
With holy embers.
To the king of earth
Their life and blood.
Their blessed dying
Must be example to us,
To the lord of world
consecrate the life.
So I make known to the pilgrim
with brass mouth.
In living and dying
The way to heaven.

3rd bell St Barbara (As)
Where weapon's noise and nations' war are silent now,
I shout with so much brighter ringing:
O form in God the round dance of peace;
Let law and love rule everywhere.

4th bell St Elisabeth (B)
In ruins, misery and days filled with hatred
I was lead out as bright shape.
Let me carry love to the hearts.
With bold courage nevertheless give hope a try,
Forge Gods links from house to house,
So that the whole world feels a new life.

5th bell Guardian Angel (Des)
In the whole choir
I am the smallest only,
But I proclaim loudly
The trail of the angelic children.
I ring in cheerful
The new addition to the human race
And also accompany them
Into the early grave.

Here you can hear the bells ring (mp3, 121 kB)

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