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B a t z e n h o f e n

Here we are. The third one from the right side - that's me. But the photo is some years old already ...

Young musical talents found in the "Blaskapelle Batzenhofen" (Batzenhofen Brass Band) - founded November 15th 1956 - always a rich field of activity. On September 6th 1959 today's "Musikverein" (music association) emerged from this early union of musicians. The foundation has accompanied the village of Batzenhofen musically for decades and is member of the "Schwäbischer Musikverband" (Swabian music federation). After an alternation in generations the association during the last years had formed anew; traditional values are cultivated further.
Chairman of the association was mayor Schuster from Edenbergen until he died in 1969. His successor became mayor Distl from Batzenhofen. That the Musikverein moves with the times is evidenced by the fact that after some other changes in the organization with Barbara Lorenz a woman was elected for Chairmanship. Actual chairman is Martin Ehinger, Batzenhofen, Sebastianstr. 3   E-Mail
More about our Musikverein you can read on the Homepage about my home town - but in German only..

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