Gospel choir Salvation, Gersthofen
The gospel choir Salvation of the Evangelische Bekenntniskirche Gersthofen

The gospel choir "Salvation" of the Evangelische Bekenntniskirche Gersthofen (Protestant Confession Church in Gersthofen, Bavaria, Germany) was founded in 1999. One year later the choir was grown to 30 members already: 26 females and 4 males. With the diligent conduction by Tobias Leukhardt the choir increased to more than 40 members, but male voices are still a modest part only.

This is not the leaders fault, because he emphasizes: "We invite everybody having pleasure with gospels to sing with us - completely independent of religion". That's why almost half the members are Catholics and one sings also in Catholic churches. Ecumenicalism in its best meaning, isn't it?

Often it is charity concerts, for example for a new church, a renovation or a new organ, when the choir does its best with songs like "Give me that old time religion", "Good News", "Rock my soul" or "Amazing grace". The absolutely hit however, is the song "Jesus is my Salvation", from which the choir has borrowed its name.

To the choir practice, held every Thursday's evening at eight o' clock, anyone interested is invited.

There is especially need of male voices. Joy with singing, a good voice and willingness for a persistent participation in the practice you however should have.

Contact: Tobias Leukhardt, Schubertstr. 50c, 86368 Gersthofen, phone +49 821 473377, E-Mail

Ulrike Köhler

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