Welcome to the homepage of the Köhler family, Batzenhofen (Bavaria, Germany)
heraldic symbol of the Koehler family of Batzenhofen (self made, not registred)
last update: Aug 2021
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Familie Köhler, Frankenstr. 10, 86368 Batzenhofen, Bavaria, GERMANY     E-Mail

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button Batzenhofen   - about Batzenhofen, the residence of the Koehlers, a small but quite individual part of the city Gersthofen (Bavaria)
button fire brigade   - about the "Freiwillige Feuerwehr Batzenhofen", the local voluntary fire brigade (Andreas + Franz are members)
button koehler as a job   - about Köhler as a job, from that our surname probably is derived of
button Koehler family   - about the four Köhlers Andreas, Franz, Marianne and Ulrike and their hobbies and activities
button map Batzenhofen   - how you come to Batzenhofen, in the case we made you so curious, that you like to visit our village
button recommended links   - some links that may be interesting to you
button table of time 1875 - 2000   - about the last 125 years from the view of a Batzenhofener
button index   - anything else available at our homepage (e.g. videos)
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