Our line of ancestors starts in the so called "Sudetenland" (now part of Czech Republic), where Josef Köhler together with his wife Anna (nee Bachmann) had happy years until his much to early death. Their son Willi, his mother and his sisters Klara and Resi after World War II shared the fate of most people living as Germans in the Sudetenland: The expulsion from their beloved home (Schönlind, District of  Neudeck). Brother Moritz remained missing after war.  As a refugee without means Willi had to build up a new existence abroad. He succeeded in trying this by the help of his wife Berta (nee Steiner), who gave him  two children, Anneliese and Franz X.


Andreas S.
Andi is allowed to drive car for more than a decade already.
Apprenticeship as Electrician at Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH in Augsburg. One year experience in diagnosis of server mainboards (i.e. motherboards). After visiting the BOS and making his degree in electricity at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg he started with working in the quality management of BMK professional electronics GmbH.Two years later he changed to the quality management of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, Augsburg.
Andi is fire fighter in the Voluntary Fire Brigade Batzenhofen. He is trained to wear compressed air breathing apparatus and together with former 2nd commander Robert Sailer expert for insect missions.
In his spare time Andi plays the ukulele (like Stefan Raab), accordion and keyboard. Sometimes he struggles with the organ of  St. Martin in Batzenhofen, trying to play tunes like Toccata   (mp3   2,6 MB).  As a rule he plays without audience.
Besides that he sings  with the choir "Talatta" in Herbertshofen. Since January 2003 he has become leader of this choir.
Having got his degree he learned to play bass guitar. After having had some gigs together with his girlfriend Barbara (meanwhile his wife) and her friend Julia they founded the cover band "Guten Tag" (good day). Since 2011 Andy also plays bass guitar with the rock band Elusive Silence..
For other hobbies of Andi see www.andis-bastelseite.de (in German only)


Franz X.
Regarding to his opinion and after some discussions now also to his employer's opinion almost ready for retirement.
Team Manager for automation and production technology in the Mainboard production of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH in Augsburg (former Fujitsu Siemens)..
Franz studied chemistry, but was always fond of electronics too. He is interested in science and spends a considerable part of his limited spare time with books about this subject. His favorite authors are people like  Isaac Asimov, David Attenborough, Richard P. Feynman, Maurice and Katia Krafft (who paid for their scientific curiosity with their lives), Leon Lederman, Hubert ReevesCarl Sagan.
To deal with books by Konsalik, Simmel or Pilcher is waste of time to him (don't want to offend) but he appreciates historic tales like the ones written by  Philipp Vandenberg. After having some courses about the Bible and the Islam and a pilgrimage to the Holy Land (meanwhile it's three ones) Franz began to study books about Judaism, the Holy Land and the Middle East conflict. So the idea was born to offer videos about the Holy Land via the internet. Despite his membership in the Flugmodellclub Gersthofen (aircraft modelers) there are only one or to takeoffs per year, because most of his time is needed for work, gardening, family and honorary posts.
In the local voluntary fire brigade Franz 1971 became an active member and due to his chemical education instructor about breathing apparatus, burning and extinguishing as well as hazardous substances. End of 2013 he retired and is now a passive member.
As a catholic Christian Franz helps in the parish of St. Martin, Batzenhofen, to prepare and celebrate word of god services (if no priest is available). Furthermore he helps to serve the holy communion, reads the lesson and is engaged in the pastoral care for men and the Marianische Männerkongregation (MMC). 
Furthermore Franz maintains for free web sites about his home town Batzenhofen, Batzenhofen's Voluntary Fire Brigade, the Orgelfreunde St. Martin and the MMC (all web sites except of the Fire Brigade's one in German language only).
Now and then Franz writes poems (in German).


Marianne S.
Somebody has to be the youngest one in the family!
Marianne finished the Maria Ward Realschule (junior high school) in 2003. Then she had an two years education to PTA (pharmaceutical technical assistant). Now she is working in a pharmacy.
Marianne played the transverse flute in the Musikverein Batzenhofen and was ministrant for more than 10 years.
Other interests (besides boys) were TV serials like Angel, Buffy, Charmed or Sabrina. Her last lecture at the Maria Ward Realschule therefore referred to the persecution of witches during the middle age.
Even today she likes to watch Ghost Whisperer, but also McLeod’s Daughters (in English, therefore her English gets an increasingly Australian slang).
Other Hobbies are reading books, PC games and German medieval music, e.g. that by Liederjan. For a change she listens to CCR or Celtic Woman. Actually from time to time she learns to play the tin whistle.


Older than Andreas, but younger than Franz.
Since she has given birth to her first child, she is homemaker. Before she was secretary in a notary's office.
Though the children being able to care for themselves for a long time, there are continually reasons for staying housewife. Having more spare time than the rest of the family, Ulrike for example is engaged in keeping the minutes for the Orgelfreunde St. Martin. She sings in the church  choir of St. Martin and is member of the gospel choir "Salvation"
Because her mother-in-law is living only a few hundred meters away,  she helps her with shopping and driving. Also for some Batzenhofen associations she is working in the background.
So there really is no time left for having a job especially when she started with the old art of knipling.

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